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What to Do About Cage-Shy Squirrel

There are many Michigan squirrel species and each of them species normally behaves in a unique way. Some squirrels are hard to catch with trap and they are known to be cage-shy squirrels. If you have problem with such kind of squirrel you have to apply professional animal control method to effectively remove them from your property. Therefore, this article is organized to offer you information on how to deal with most hard to trap squirrel that have been disturbing everywhere in your home. One thing that is important for you to know is that your baiting method will determine whether you will be able to catch Lansing squirrel in your trap or not.

Ensure Effective Baiting Of Your Squirrel Trap to Catch Cage-Shy Lansing Squirrel
Squirrels are known for their love for nuts and fruits as well as seeds. Selecting most attractive seed and nut for your trap baiting will increase your chance of trapping even cage-shy Michigan squirrels. You can equally make use of peanut butter and peanut shell to lure them around and inside your trap as they always love to feed on peanut shell and butter.

Hire a Professional Animal Control
A crafty Lansing squirrel will require crafty ideas for trapping. You are not to continue in your bother on how to trap cage-shy squirrels that have been disturbing your home and attic. What you have to do is to go ahead and contact the professionals with many years of experience in wild animal and pest control. They will know the right trapping method and technique to apply in order to catch any kind of squirrels. Hiring an experienced Michigan animal control expert that has possibly handled problem relating to yours will increase your chances of getting reliable solution.

Remove the Attracting Point for the Cage-Shy Squirrel
Apart from trapping a squirrel through a professional Lansing animal control, you can still control the situation without spending your money. That you can do by removing all the things that are attracting squirrel to your property. That will give you the chance of discouraging squirrels from coming around your Michigan property or your home and also safe you from the stress of setting trap and watching the trap always.

What to Do About Cage-Shy Squirrel
You can also scare cage-shy Michigan squirrels from your property, house, attic and others using odor deterrent method. It is true that this is not really effective but you can use it when other humane method of Lansing squirrel removal failed.

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