Will an Opossum Under a Shed or Porch Have a Nest of Babies?

It is very likely to get a nest of babies under the Michigan shade or in the porch especially if these regions are away from danger. It is usually the task of the mother to ensure that the young ones are safe that is why they will always look for places that are safe and secure.

In the porch
There are high chances of getting these nests in the porch because of several reasons; the porch is more secured compared to other places like in the open Lansing garden. In the porch, the mothers are always positive that they will get abundant supply of food. The young ones will also be shielded against the harsh conditions. Michigan opossums are intelligent animals and because of the limited space in the porch, the mothers are always positive that the babies will be fully protected until they are mature enough to vent for themselves.

Under the shade
If the shades are away from the Michigan house, the mothers are likely to build nests because they are sure of getting minimal disturbances. They will also opt for shades that are near food supplies because they are fully depend on food for survival. It is easy to know that there is a baby nest in the porch or under the shade because of the behavior of the mother; she will make several trips in and out of these areas collecting the appropriate materials to build up the nests. They will collect grass, leaves and sometimes small branches to make the nests for the babies that they are expecting. In addition, you will be able to note a lot of movements in and out of these places especially when they have not yet given birth. After giving birth, you will realize that the movements of the Lansing opossums have drastically fallen especially if they are mothers.

They always prefer guarding their young ones against danger during the day and when everything is calm at night, they will go out to look for food. Lansing opossums are very intelligent protectors of their young ones and they will do anything to ensure that they are safe. The nests are build in such a way that they cannot be easily destroyed by the humans, since the porch has limited space, they will build the nests at the furthest corners to prevent them from any danger. After the young ones have matured, you will begin to hear a lot of noises as they learn how to crawl and move about in the porch. If their shades are under the shades you will start seeing several small animals jumping and about from one shade to another within your Michigan yard.

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