Is it Legal For Me to Trap a Bat?

A true mammal that flies: Bats are known as the only mammal that can truly fly and it is really very tough to remove the Lansing bat if once they capture a part of your house. In addition, there might be one of the most misunderstood creatures out there. The factors that strengthen the fear and superstition of man about Michigan bats are being their nocturnal as well as their ability to hide in narrow and secret places. But in fact the blood sucking vampire bats, a part of horror movies, does not even exist on the face of earth.

Trapping the bats and its problems: Bat is a nuisance wild creature and must be kept out from the premise of your property. There are a number of techniques introduced for this purpose. Trapping or netting the bats is one of the ways to get rid of the Lansing bats. People used to mount boxes or specially modified cage traps on the exit point of bats to gather them when they exit. But the main point of concern starts after you trap the bats; now what about the trapped animal. Bats are a protected species and it is illegal to kill bats in several states. If you have not sealed the home properly, the Michigan bats may come back easily after releasing. They can find their roosts from as far as 500 miles; therefore they can come back even you drive the bats long distance. Another problem related to trapping is that it is a dangerous procedure as bat can harm you and itself as well.

Legal status of trapping a bat: All the species of Michigan bats are protected according to domestic and international legislation of almost every state. So it is committing a criminal offence if someone:

• Deliberately injure, capture or kill a bat
• Damage or destroy bat roosting place (no matter if the bats are not capturing the roost at that time)
• Deliberately or recklessly disturbs the Michigan bats in their roosting place
• Possess or sell/exchange/advertise a bat (alive or dead) or any part of bat
• Recklessly or intentionally obstruct access to a Lansing bat roost

Bats are good for the natural environment as they clear dangerous and harmful insects from our atmosphere. This is the reason that government has included this unique and only flying Michigan mammal in the list of protected species.

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